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14 April 24

Expanding Medical Teams

The Ministry of Health has instructed the relevant hospitals to increase the medical workforce according to the level of alert.
13 April 24

HMO Resilience, Emergency and Emotional Support Centers, and Explanatory Videos in Multiple Languages - How to Manage Traumatic Stress

The Ministry of Health publishes the phone numbers of the HMO resilience centers and emergency and emotional support centers. Additionally, the Ministry of Health provides explanatory videos on how to manage anxiety in Hebrew, Amharic, Russian, and Arabic.
01 February 24

The Ministry of Health Releases an Update of the Procedure for Persons Returning to Israel

An event involving the repatriation from captivity is a multifaceted occurrence that demands swift action at hospitals to address medical, mental, and social needs. This should be followed by tailored support in the community. Ministry of Health and hospitals are ready to provide medical and mental care for male and female hostages in Hamas captivity, pending repatriation to Israel.