Terms of Use


Terms of Use

Reading the terms of use below an agreeing to them is a prerequisite for using the site. By clicking "I agree," the user declares that he or she has read the terms of use for this site, understood them, and agrees to these terms.


The State of Israel, through the Ministry of Health (henceforth: "the Ministry of Health," offers the use of this website (henceforth: "the website") pursuant to the following terms and conditions (henceforth: "the terms of use") and the privacy policy. The Ministry of Health may request that to change the terms of use and/or the privacy policy be changed. If you do not consent to this change, you will be able to stop using the website.

The term "user" below indicates any individual who chooses to browse the website and make use of it.

Misuse of the website and the services described below is prohibited. The user may only use the website and the services in accordance with the law. The Ministry may suspend or terminate access to the website and/or to the services for users who fail to comply with the terms of use or a portion of them, or if the Ministry of Health or any other authorized agency investigates suspicions of unlawful behavior while using the website.

Nature of Service

The website allows the user to take the following actions (henceforth: "the services").

The website allows receiving information about the actions of the Ministry of Health and guidelines it decides on.



The information available on the website is provided as a public service. The Ministry shall make every effort to ensure that the directives and the information on the website are consistent. However, where there are contradictions or discrepancies between the information presented by the website and an official Ministry of Health guidance that was published in the Ministry's website, or between the information presented by the website and the provisions of the law, regulations, or effective procedures – the wording of the official guidance/the law, etc. takes precedence.

Changes to the Website

The Ministry of Health reserves the exclusive right to completely remove the website and/or to restrict user options and/or to change the website's interface or appearance from time to time.
The user shall have no grievances, claims, or demands towards the Ministry of Health for making any changes to the website.

Restrictions on Use

The website's services, contents, and information may only be used for personal and private purposes. Without limiting the foregoing, any misuse of the website or action that disrupts the website's functionality is strictly prohibited.
It is prohibited to use the website's logo for any purpose that is not directly related to the website. Misuse of the logo may be considered an infraction under Article 5 of the sign Protection Law 1974.