Donations of medical equipment, volunteering, and vacancies in health care

Volunteers from Israel and Abroad

The Ministry of Health invites medical professionals and volunteers from both Israel and beyond to join the ever-expanding list of people who assist Israel.

The national control room of the Ministry of Health is presently developing volunteer reserves. In order to contribute to the ever-expanding network of Israel supporters, the Ministry of Health encourages anybody who is interested in volunteering—especially medical professionals from both Israel and elsewhere -- to sign up and add their names to this ever-growing community.

We have received thousands of applications from people who want to volunteer in the healthcare system. However, it should be emphasized that the healthcare system has the necessary manpower, but we are preparing for a situation where an additional strain may be placed upon the healthcare system by extreme and unforeseen events. Therefore, and in light of the ongoing war situation in Israel, we welcome you to get involved and join in.

Required volunteer professionals from Israel and abroad: Physicians, dentists, nurses (including nursing students), paramedics, nutritionists, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, pharmacists and medical assistants who have a license to practice either in Israel or abroad.
Non-medical Israeli volunteers who want to support the healthcare system can work in a variety of capacities, including administration, logistics, transportation, and more.

Those who wish to volunteer are required to fill the appropriate online form, according to their place of residence in Israel or abroad.
Application form for volunteers from Israel (Hebrew)
Application form for volunteers from abroad
Ministry of Health's staff will contact applicants who will be found suitable to the needs of the healthcare system.

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