The health care eligibilities of internally displaced people

Medications, Prescriptions and Pharmacies

If you have been evacuated and are not staying in your permanent home, the HMOs and pharmacies in Israel have devised a way to help you maintain your therapeutic continuum and to aid you with all that pertains to prescriptions and the purchase of medications.

Just like during normal times, the pharmacies operated by the HMOs and private pharmacies that have a contractual agreement with the HMOs respect HMO prescriptions.

The HMOs operate hotlines tasked with issuing and renewing prescriptions:

When you do not have valid prescriptions for medications

If you do not have a valid prescription, or if you do not have the option to have a prescription issued, you may approach the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to issue certain medications and preparations for you for immediate and urgent use even without prescription (at the pharmacist's professional discretion and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Ministry of Health's protocols). In such cases you will receive an amount that could meet your medical needs for up to seven days, until you can request and receive a valid prescription from your physician.

Please note: the payment for these medications and preparations is for full price, without HMO copayment. Medications and preparations classified as "dangerous drugs" or psychotherapeutics will not be dispensed without a prescription.

Medication delivery services

The HMOs operate task-specific hotlines that will arrange for your medications to be delivered to your place of stay.
Information about the hotlines:

Checking medication inventory

If you need to buy medications, you could check the supply of these medications in the pharmacies before you go. Visit the links below:

  • Clalit Health Services: you can check the inventory in all pharmacies that provide services to the HMO's insured members.
  • Meuhedet HMO: you can only check the inventory in the HMO-operated pharmacies
  • Maccabi Health Services: you can only check the inventory in the HMO-operated pharmacies
  • Super-Pharm: what appears in the inventory is relevant both for private purchase and for purchase within the framework of the agreements with the HMOs (Maccabi, Meuhedet and Leumit). The inventory of medications for Clalit members in Super-Pharm stores can be viewed in the HMO's link.
  • Both pharmacies operated by the Shufersal-affiliated BE chain and many private pharmacies have contractual agreements with the HMOs and provide services to insured members of the HMOs, but they do not have websites that can reflect their inventory.

If you do not have Form 29

If you are a patient who are prescribed preparations by Form 29 (which allows for the use of listed medication for a non-listed indication) that expired on 07/10/2023 or that is about to expire, the validity of this form was extended until 31/12/2023.

License for the use of medical cannabis

If you have a license for the use of medical cannabis that has already expired or that is about to expire within the following month, and you have yet to file an application for its renewal, the validity of the license will be automatically extended for three additional months.

More information on medical cannabis

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