The health care eligibilities of internally displaced people

Family Care Centers

Family care where you are

During routine times, Tipat Halav clinics (family health centers) are operated by several different agencies: the Ministry of Health, HMOs and municipalities. Due to the emergency, Tipat Halav clinics provide local and accessible services across the country for those who are away from their homes.

To inquire which Tipat Halav clinic provides services and to make an appointment, you can contact  the Ministry of Health hotline:

  • *5400 or 08-6241010 
  • Sunday through Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00; Friday and holiday eves from 08:00 to 13:00

Locate a Tipat Halav clinic and schedule an appointment

Toddler and infant care

Consulting a family care center over the phone

If you have any questions or need consultation after the working hours of Tipat Halav clinics, you can contact the Ministry of Health hotline, Tipat Halav call center:

  • *5400 or 08-6241010, Extension 2 then extension 9
  • Sunday through Thursday from 16:00 to 21:00; Friday and holiday eves from 08:00 to 13:00

The call center is staffed by Tipat Halav nurses, nutritionists who specialize in the nutrition of young children, breastfeeding consultants and consultants specializing in pre-term newborn care and sleep, who will provide you with guidance on post-partum care, newborn care, vaccination side-effects, development, breastfeeding, nutritional counseling, crying and sleeping problems.
Available in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian.

Virtual parent group

Tiponet – virtual group meetings for parents led by Family Center nurses.
The website, as part of the Family Center services, provides parents with relevant information and a complementary service for parents in virtual group meetings. The meetings are held under the guidance of Family Center nurses and their goal is to support parents and promote the child's development.

There are meetings in Hebrew and Arabic.

These days, as part of the support and accompaniment of parents by the family center nurses on the Tiponet site (Hebrew), psychologists and social workers specializing in the treatment of early childhood and crisis situations will also join the meetings. At the meetings, the parents will receive tools to support and help the children and mediate the situation for them.

More information and registration for Tiponet (Hebrew)

Discharge of new mothers

As a result of the fighting, healthy moms and babies may be discharged from maternity ward around 24 hours after birth. We have compiled information for you that can help you deal with common concerns that may occur in the initial days after birth and make it simpler to care for your newborn at home.

Guidance for parents (Hebrew)

Shooting Range Safety for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women

When training for a firearms license, pregnant or breastfeeding women are required to complete their training at a certified shooting range. Our recommendations are:

  • Week 24 to delivery, avoid going to a shooting range because of concern to the fetus's hearing.
  • Up to Week 24 - exposure to lead in shooting range poses a risk:
    • Shoot in an open or closed shooting range with appropriate ventilation systems
    • Wear a hat, shirt with long sleeves and closed shoes
    • Wear a disposable respirator
    • Use safety headphones
    • Use safety glasses
    • Wash hands with soap immediately after shooting
    • Wash clothes and shower immediately when you arrive home
    • Use lead-free ammunition
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