Information center and how to establish a daily routine in wartime

Hospital Elective Activities

Some of the hospitals renew their elective (i.e., non-urgent) activities, including:

  • Ziv and Nahariya: resumption of elective activities on the condition that bomb shelters will be available and accessible in case of sirens, and that surgery room tables and emergency room beds will remain available. At this stage, hospitalization wards will not be returned from the bomb shelters to their regular locations.
  • Hospitals in the Central District and Rambam Hospital: resumption of full elective activities, while preparing to suspend all elective activities and return to emergency protocol within 12 hours from being ordered to do so.
  • Hospitals in the Southern District (Soroka, Barzilai, Assuta Ashdod and Kaplan): emergency protocol remains unchanged.
  • You should check with each hospital the status of their elective activities.
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