The health care eligibilities of internally displaced people

Transportation to Medical Facilities

If you are an internally displaced person who is staying in a hotel in the Dead Sea or Eilat, and you require transportation related to medical needs, the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety has established a hotline for you.
This hotline provides services to those who require, among other things:

  • Transportation to receive medical treatment.
  • Transportation of medical equipment and medical preparations.
  • In the Dead Sea: medical transportation services all night, including return from the emergency room at Soroka Medical Center.
  • Any other medical needs that require transportation.

You may contact the hotline:

Note that:

  • The hotline provides transportation services if necessary, according to the case's urgency and the drivers' availability.
  • You need to schedule transportation services ahead of time.
  • This service is only intended for internally displaced people who are staying in hotels in the Dead Sea and Eilat.
  • You may contact the hotline personally.
  • This service is provided by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.
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