The health care eligibilities of internally displaced people

Patients Receiving Medical Cannabis Treatment

Renewal of license for medical cannabis

If you are treated with medical cannabis and your license has already expired or is set to expire between 16.09.2023 and 08.11.2023, it will be automatically extended for another three months. This renewal is automatic and you do not need to contact the Ministry of Health hotline for this. You should only contact the hotline if your license was not automatically renewed.

If medical cannabis has already been dispensed for you but you are not at home due to the war situation and the cannabis products are not with you, you should contact the medical cannabis hotline. In your inquiry, specify the circumstances and you will receive a "dispensing order" for renewed dispensing of medical cannabis products for a period of one month.

If you do not live at your home due to the war situation and your address is not the address listed in your license, pharmacies and dealers have been instructed to dispense your cannabis regardless of your address, on the condition that you present some form of identification.

Medical cannabis hotline:

Providers and pharmacies

  • List of pharmacies authorized to dispense medical cannabis (Hebrew)
  • List of pharmacies in the area of the Dead Sea and Eilat that dispense cannabis and are also open on Shabbat:
    • SuperPharm, Arad
    • SuperPharm Big, Eilat
    • SuperPharm Mall HaYam, Eilat
    • SuperPharm HaTmarim, Eilat
    • Big Malkat Shva, Eilat

Map of pharmacies authorized to dispense medical cannabis (Hebrew)

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